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Why You Should Use Dokan Plugin For Multivendor Website

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The multi-vendor website project is becoming very popular day by day. After witnessing a successful billion-dollar business of Amazon, eBay, Esty, etc. In the short term, many other companies or even local community-based small businesses are now looking to invest in this type of business. If you are familiar with e-commerce and WordPress then you should be able to manage a multi-vendor website based on Woocommerce, right? And, to make it easier for you,  in this post, I will introduce to you Why You Should Use Dokan Plugin For Multivendor Website. Let’s see how effective it is.

Why You Should Use Dokan Plugin For Multivendor Website

  1. Based on Woocommerce

Launched in late September 2011, WooCommerce now supports a substantial portion of the growing e-commerce, boasting over 4.4 million downloads from around the world. Dokan plugin is the most stable ecommerce plugin for WordPress marketplace and that is why the Dokan theme is completely based on it. Dokan supports all payment gateways that work seamlessly with WooCommerce. So it gives you a great feature to choose your own portal for your multi-vendor website with ease.

  1. Dokan Plugin Has High Flexibility

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of Dokan plugin for eCommerce newcomers is that vendors using this platform can exercise a lot of flexibility with their products without needing to have to know too much about the technical side of things.

Products can be categorized, offering discounted prices, generating coupons, own shipping rates, independent attributes, and more. Additionally, their stores have the ability to sell physical, virtual, and downloadable products. Furthermore, they can manage everything from their own Dashboard.

  1. Customization Options

Dokan is open source and written according to the standard WordPress code structure. So, there are tons of hooks available to make it compatible with any other WordPress theme and plugin. If you’re willing to use your own style, design, or layout – you can easily manage that using the Dokan sub-theme or create your own.

  1. Dokan plugin is professional yet simple

We always try to keep “appearance and usability” on our top priority list. So your users will have an easier time using your UI and you will also feel better in our settings panel. All features are built-in and all settings are in one simple menu. So there’s less space to get lost or confused. You will not need a plugin to have full functionality. Yes, we have some add-ons for you, but they are optional for getting additional features.

  1. Easy to analytic

You and your seller can see all their information in one place. We have created a detailed dashboard for sellers and admins. So you can see your total sales for the month, new orders, pending orders, completed orders, total sales, and more from a single page. And to make the data easier to understand, we decided to display the data through bars and charts.

  1. Add-on Gallery

You should see the add-ons available right from your admin panel. So you’ll know about all the latest add-ons available inside your website. No need to visit our forum, website or Facebook page to update. We will deliver everything on your dashboard.

  1. Seamless integration with your WordPress Theme

If people don’t buy from unprofessional-looking stores, don’t adopt an e-commerce system that doesn’t give you full control over the look and feel of your online store.

  1. It’s a Dokan plugin inside a Marketplace WP Theme

Marketplace WP Theme is a powerful theme which is integrated with Dokan Multivendor plugin. The product is an e-commerce marketplace platform with a friendly interface, easy to use and self-management and automated, used by more than 10,000 websites, helping users save up to 60% on shipping costs. . onions. Dokan also supports Paypal and Stripe and more than 25 other languages, allowing you to serve a wide variety of markets. It is based on WooCommerce platform powered by WordPress, which is the most popular CMS platform today.

Dokan Multivendor has 4 special features:

  • Adjust and Setting Dokan Store
  • Set Up Withdraw & Payment
  • Customize Dokan Store Profiles
  • Manage Customer & Orders

To set up Dokan store, you can follow the steps below:

Step1: Select Custom

Step 2: In the “Customize for Dokan” section, you can edit the layout, title store, adjust display filter, display format and layout of WooCommerce store.

Step 3: Select Update to complete the changes


I hope that this article of Why You Should Use Dokan Plugin For Multivendor Website is useful for you. You can check out the DEMO of this Marketplace WP Theme support Dokan Multivendor marketplace here:

Check out Demo: eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Multistore Homepage

If you have any questions about Multi vendor Marketplace or Dokan themes and Dokan plugins, don’t hesitate to contact me or you can fill out the contact form below, I will reply to you ASAP.

Thank you and best regards.

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