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5 things you should consider before building marketplace (part 1)

Online marketplaces or multi-vendors are so hot recently. Let’s see the successful platform of Esty, Amazon or Fiverr, you will find that there is no limitation for these models, it is so flexible and can be applied to any area of business. However, with a lot of economic experts, this is just a beginning, the future for this model is …

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Top 9 Marketplace Alternatives to Amazon and Ebay

amazon-alternatives marketplace

It is undeniable that Amazon and eBay are the two giants that dominate the online marketplace space. They are the king but it does not mean that there is no alternative existing, especially when these two giants only provide categories of products, not all the things and in the US, it is so easy to recognize that a lot of …

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Benefits and challenges of implementing multi-vendor marketplace


Do you know that Amazon reached the record number of net sale revenue $74.45 billion in 2013? So amazing and dream number for any business owners! Morningstar Analysts even called Amazon by one of the most disruptive forces in the retail world. Amazon is just a very typical example, you also can see NewEgg, Etsy, and eBay, they have also …

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What is multi-vendor marketplace?

what is multi-vendor marketplace?

The dynamics of online shopping has changed the thinking of eCommerce entrepreneurs. Many of them agree that investing in the multi-vendor store will be better, more beneficial than just an e-commerce store to selling their own products and services only. Multi-vendor systems, which is also referred to as online marketplaces quickly becomes a great deal for any business owners because …

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The role of marketplace in the success of online business

The role of multi-vendor in the success of online business

Multi-vendor or online marketplace is not an old business model, it has appeared about several recent years. However, from that first appearance, some giants such as Amazon, Sears, and Walmart has recognized the potential of this new business model, they quickly changed their strategies by adding marketplace to their operations and now, you can see how they succeed with this …

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