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Practical Steps to Become an Entrepreneur

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Practical steps

When counseling people on how to become an entrepreneur, I encourage them to take an honest assessment of themselves. This is always much harder than people think.

As humans, we are notoriously bad at self-assessment. We tend to overestimate our skills and abilities. That’s why almost everyone thinks that they are an above-average driver.

Even so, if you are considering life as an entrepreneur, it’s important to be as honest as possible when doing these self-assessments. Once you have a clear idea of your strengths and weakness, you can use these tips to get started.

1. Develop Your Idea

It doesn’t have to be a totally unique or groundbreaking idea in order to be a successful one. The popular rideshare company Lyft was started three years after the introduction of Uber. They took on the business model of Uber and just tweaked it a little.

Just because there is competition in a field doesn’t mean that you can’t be very successful too. But this is why developing your idea is so important.

Go ahead and use the business model of the most successful competitor but make it your own by identifying shortcomings and weaknesses that you can exploit for your own success.

2. Research


Research the industry and get to know the players, trade associations and conventions. Research the products and services involved. It’s not uncommon that the most profitable part of a business isn’t the “main” product, but an ancillary add-on product.

For example, it’s not uncommon for a restaurant to break even on the food and only make money on the drinks. The reason they can offer a plate full of food for $5.00 is really the $2.00 Coke or $5.00 glass of wine you order with it.

Finally, research the customer. There is literally no way you can understand your customer too much. Things like average age, sex, buying habits, interests, attitudes about health, wealth, social media and status are all helpful in your targeting and marketing efforts.

3. Create a Formal Business Plan

Business Plan

This step is often overlooked and shouldn’t be. As a one or two-person show, you can probably get along fine without one. But once you start hiring employees, having a formal business plan is essential.

Unfortunately, if you don’t put in in place right away, by the time you need it, you’ll be too busy to create one. It’s always smart to do it up front.

4. Build Your Network

No one can build a successful business on their own. You’ll need investors, attorneys, accountants, bankers as well as vendors, industry contacts, employees and a whole host of others.

So, start attending trade shows, conventions as well as joining trade association and online groups. These are all great resources for you.

5. Test Your Ideas

Start small, there’s no way you can predict every possible problem or issue that will arise. You’ll find it’s much easier to address these issues if they’re limited to a few test markets as opposed to a global rollout.

6. Turn Early Customers into Fans

Another advantage of starting out on a small scale is that you can develop more personal relationships with customers. Make sure to provide a great experience for theses first customers to build up the most effective advertising there is — word of mouth.

7. Raise Capital

At this point, you should have a proven business model with customers, cash flow and a plan for expansion. You can now start to raise money through investors, venture capitalist and banks.

8. Scale Your Business

Take the money raised and use it to scale the business for maximum returns for you, your employees, investors and early backer.

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Final Thoughts

In my opinion, there has never been a better time in our history to become an entrepreneur. The old barriers to entry, access to large amounts of capital, expensive professional services like legal and accounting as well as staffing issues can all be overcome thanks to the internet. There are people all over offering these services as freelancers and at discounted rates.

If you truly have a good idea that you are committed to, then really the only thing stopping you from joining the ranks of entrepreneurs is you.

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