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Why You Should Use Dokan Plugin For Multivendor Website

The multi-vendor website project is becoming very popular day by day. After witnessing a successful billion-dollar business of Amazon, eBay, Esty, etc. In the short term, many other companies or even local community-based small businesses are now looking to invest in this type of business. If you are familiar with e-commerce and WordPress then you should be able to manage …

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The overview of Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace

We are living in an explosive era of the digital revolution. Everyone now has a smartphone to use. Demand increased, so did special purchasing requirements. Therefore, companies in the multivendor marketplace were born and received many successes, including Amazone, Lazada, 1688, Alibaba, … Let’s learn more about the multi-vendor market to know more. Why is there such growth? And let’s …

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Don’t Delay And Buy Today – Flash Sale – 15% Off For All

Welcome to lucky November with FLASH SALE event of a whole year from CMSmart! As you know, Covid-19 has not disengaged us yet. So, at first, I would like to greet you and those around you. I hope that everyone is fine. Moreover, our economic situation is seriously affected by Covid-19. CMSmart believes that finances will be the worry of many customers. And, along with celebrating 11 November …

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An Overview of Multivendor Marketplace for starter

We are living in the exploding era of a digital revolution. Everyone now has a smartphone to use. Demand increased, special requirements on purchases increased. Therefore, multivendor marketplace companies have been born and received a lot of success, such as Amazone, Lazada, 1688, Alibaba, … Let’s learn more about a multi-vendor marketplace to know why there is that growth. Growing …

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How good open source Multi-Vendor Marketplace are?

Any existing or potential vendor who is about to commence his commercial activities online needs lots of things to be considered. One of these things is to decide which open source multi-vendor eCommerce platform to use in order to be successful and make the online business efficient. The question is how to start multi-vendor eCommerce website, then? The answer is …

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Some Interesting Magento Facts You Might Not Be aware Off part 1


Magento is a leading eCommerce platform as it gained traction soon after it is launched back in 2008. There are many Different platforms were already surfacing the e-commerce industry, but Magento is open-source code, free availability, and advanced features made the online store makers adopt it soon. The e-commerce industry lacked the availability of an enticing platform that can help …

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Your website is not perfect to launch, doesn’t mean you can’t promote it. In fact, the introduction of a website that is about to be launched creates more interest and exciting than when you have a complete website, then start promoting it. You need an application for registered visitors so they can receive notifications when your website actually starts. LeadPages is …

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How To Setting Get Quote Feature For The Product?


Dear our beloved customers, Quotations are one of the best ways to deal with certain types of purchases and it is very difficult to be played for online purchases. One of the biggest limits of online business, in fact, is the impossibility to negotiate, to do that compromise that should be agreed by both buyer and supplier. And it is …

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How To Installation WooPanel Plugin – Way 2?


Dear our beloved customers, You are the store/ vendor manager and you want to get everything in the easiest way to know how your business works well or not right from front-end. WooPanel is the right plugin that you must to integrate into your site. Your articles, products, orders, coupons, customers will be arraigned clean and neat to bring you a general …

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Magento2 Multivendor Extension-Free version


CMSmart is pleased to announce: We have just released Free Version of Magento Multivendor Experience now with link download here: For this Special event, CMSmart would like to send to all dear customers a thank you gift. Please continue to accompany us! Discount 20% for Magento 2 Marketplace integrated multi-vendor package with coupon code: RE_FREE20 Discount 15% for Marketplace Multi-Vendor …

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