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How does WooCommerce Print PDF Invoices work?

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There are lots of responsibilities that come along with running a business. One of those is sending invoices to customers after sale. The most basic purpose of the invoice is to keep a record of the sale. It provides a way to track outstanding debt, the date a good was sold and how much money was paid. Invoice is an invaluable tool for accounting. Invoices can also track employees to see how effective they work through selling point.

What is Invoice

what is?

Invoice is a document that requires payment of items in the quantities and unit prices listed on that document. The invoice is issued by the seller. After the buyer pays, the seller will confirm on the invoice, such as a stamp of payment. The invoice then has the same effect as a receipt.
Invoices are important financial documents, it acts as an invaluable tool for accounting. A business that offers goods and services, receives or expects the payment will require this document. And using WooCommerce PDF Invoices plugin is essential with any online store. Invoice printing software offers more flexibility, speed, and simplicity spent on customer and seller.

How does WooCommerce Print PDF Invoices work?

woocommerce print pdf

WooCommerce Print PDF Invoices is an plugin that allows you to easily manage the Invoice create and printing process for WooCommerce shop by automatically adding PDF Invoice into order confirmation email that sent to your shop. With various powerful customization and downloading speed in just 1 second of this item, the plugin will make your shop more professional. Moreover, we also support user to view the Invoice in HTML format, provide 4 available professional Invoice pdf templates. In addition, you’re also able to customize or download these ready templates if you need.

What WooCommerce Print PDF Invoices can do

Main feature

  1. It’s fast and simple:
    Both customer and shop owner can view the invoice detail after the order is successfully placed
  2. Automatically attach Invoice PDF to WooCommerce emails:
    After the customers have set up their email addresses associated with the sales page, every time they complete an order, there will be a pdf Invoice automatically sent to the email they registered.
  3. Download the PDF Invoice/Delivery from the order admin
    After creating an order, you can easily download the PDF Invoice/Delivery PDF right from the order page
  4. Generate PDF Invoices/packing slips in bulk:
    With the new prototyping feature, you can freely create multiple Invoice designs, so there are countless options for you.
  5. Sequential Invoice numbers – with custom formatting:
    Setting Invoice/Delivery number start, your Invoice will display the Invoice number sequentially according to the settings you create.
  6. WooCommerce Automatic Order Printing:
    Automatically send new Invoice or new Delivery to your order page, your email, right after customers order.
  7. Establishes brand identity:
    You can add your logo, color scheme, and fonts that match your brand’s voice. You can also create customized messages. For instance, “Thank You!” when creating a template.
  8. Selects export Invoices as HTML or download PDF:
    Which format do you prefer to export Invoices, HTML or PDF? You can easily select the type of Invoice format
  9. Invoice format to display:
    Select the Invoice format to display vertically or horizontally in A4 size
  10. The color of the product list:
    Easily change the color display elements of the list of products on the Invoice such as photos, names, quantities, and so on.
  11. Display settings:
    Easily set display settings for Invoice/Delivery in terms of digits, number start, number format, date format
  12. Custom CSS:
    You can edit and style the content, header, and footer when creating the Template.
  13. Template available:
    Four invoice templates and delivery templates are pre-installed for you to use or create as you wish. After that, we will provide you a warehouse of layout templates that you can import and use in the next version.

Other feature

  1. Cost savings:
    There are costs associated with paper, ink, and postage. Online invoicing eliminates these costs
  2. Environmentally friendly:
    Using WooCommerce PDF Invoices plugin helps reduce environmental emissions, cutting down trees (producing paper), etc caused by a paper bill
  3. Reduces errors and disputes:
    People create Invoices that are more prone to errors than automatically generated reducing errors helps you reduce error recovery costs.
  4. Impress customers:
    Invoice automatically impresses customers with professionalism, adding sentences such as thank you on the Invoice to create sympathy for customers.

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