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3 common lies about selling online you usually hear

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3 common lies about selling online you usually hear


The e-commerce industry is always a fertile market for any business owners who want to earn more benefits. However, I find that not all people are ready to start or feel confused about the process due to some common misconceptions below. I will help you answer all.

1.You will get sales if you build a website

There is a misconception exist among people who intend to start a web store is if you build a website, your product will sell itself. No, it is not such easy. Building successful a web store is just the first step of the whole process. The important thing is you need to plan all the strategies to bring your business to potential customers. Some recommendations for you are using social media, blog and taking part in communities.

Your product won’t sell itself right off the bat. The reality is you have to work hard. From the beginning to the time you can sell products might take you several weeks, months or even years because it depends a lot on your business scale and what kind of industry you what to serve. That’s nothing to get discouraged about because, after that process, the feeling of getting the first sale will be actually wonderful.

Try making a website yourself with our themes such as: Foody – WordPress Restaurant Reservation & Food Store Website Theme. This is a theme so that users can create a website best suited for selling food and drinks. And many more themes with other solutions are available in our booth on Envato. Even you are a new developer or a shop owner; you can install this theme on your site in a few minutes.

2. Can’t start a web store if you don’t have any product

Investment in inventory might cost business owners thousand dollars and not all of them can afford it. Besides the businesses providing intangible services such as consulting or designing (There’s practically no overhead cost to selling digital product), I recommend you build a website follow marketplace model. Essentially, it is also a kind of online web store but you gather different sellers with different products.

The advantage of this model is you don’t need inventory and with the development of technology, building a marketplace is not more expensive and complicated than an ecommerce website. Without products, how can you earn money? Great question. You earn benefit from the commission of each transaction. No risk, real return, that sounds exciting.

3. It costs too expensive to sell online and you might not enough budget to afford it

If several years ago, the answer would be absolute, yes but now, we have high technology with amazing development speed so every aspect of selling online becomes much less expensive. There is a long list of different platforms to start an online web store but the most outstanding are Magento and WordPress. I suggest you try Magento marketplace theme integrated multi-vendor packages and Multi store WordPress theme with multi-vendor. They can satisfy the requirements of building a brand new marketplace including:

  • Very reasonable price
  • A variety of homepages layout and pages to choose and this collection will continue to be updated
  • Full powerful features for managing a customizing website
  • Special multi-vendor features provided
  • Support 24/24

Above is an article share 3 common lies about selling online you usually hear. Hope we have provided many interesting things for you. Thanks for watching my post. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you.

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